Sintec MT LLC – Design, mechanical installation, installation of engineering systems, equipment supply
Mechanical installation of technological equipment
The Company's specialists have many years of experience in mechanical and electrical technological equipment installation for food, woodworking, automobile industries, a well as automated warehouses of well-known foreign manufacturers. The company has participated more than once in the installation of automated systems of acceptance and delivery of luggage in various airports.
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Central airs and ventilation systems installation
The company provides comprehensive services for the design, supply, installation and commissioning of HVAC systems of any complexity on the basis of both Russian and foreign manufacturers.
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Heating systems installation
The heating system is the most important component of a comfortable microclimate of buildings and premises, and also provides the required parameters of technological processes. Sintec MT offers comprehensive services for the installation of various types of this system.
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Water supply systems and the water drain installation
Sintec MT offers services in the design, supply and installation of internal and external networks of the water supply and sewerage system.
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Heavy and large equipment installation
The installation of heavy and large equipment is always a unique project that requires careful preparation, organization and meticulous accuracy in the application of lifting equipment. Our company has specialists with extensive experience in this field.
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Automated warehouses installation
Sintec MT LLC is a licensed Company to perform start-up and adjustment works at any purpose industrial and public facilities. The Company specialists adjust electrical devices of various voltage rates, technological equipment, local communication networks, transformer substations and equipment of other kinds of systems.
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Post-warranty maintenance of mechanical systems
Any, even perfectly mounted using the most advanced technology systems require regular maintenance. Our company offers a wide range of services in this direction.
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